Welcome to Women Ever After—three little words that express my passion for women’s life and relationship coaching. I appreciate your interest, and I’m excited to tell you all about it!

Coaching is a powerful process, one that can help you to claim (or to reclaim) your own life: to find your voice, to take positive actions, to improve your own emotional equilibrium. Coaching is also a progressive journey, one that begins with clarifying steps.

In that spirit of clarity, I’ve designed this page to shed some light on my coaching practice: By way of INTRODUCTION, I’ll begin by addressing some common questions about coaching in general. By way of INVITATION, I’ll give you a glimpse into my coaching specifically—who I am, where I’ve been, why I’m coaching and what I have to offer my clients. Finally, by way of INVOCATION, I’ll close with my Eleven Words for Women Ever After.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into writing this material, and I wrote it to express my passionate convictions on behalf of EVERY woman. I use it to articulate my vision on behalf of ANY woman. And I share it to extend my deepest desire on behalf of ONE woman…


In my experience, when something happens to interrupt (or obliterate) a woman’s “life as she knows it,” she usually CANNOT get through it by herself—despite the fact that she (and everyone around her) expects that she can, should and will. Feeling disoriented, a woman needs to lean on someone supportive, objective and empathetic—someone who can help her clarify the facts and accept the truth, reflecting that reality without denial. She needs reassurance from someone who believes that her emotional hemorrhage will not last forever. Most importantly, a woman needs someone to “hold out hope” on her behalf—someone who can fast-forward through her current trauma, trusting in what is possible for her on the other side.

The reality of this “new normal” is what prompted me to name my practice Women Ever After. While I DO believe that we women can (and do) “get our lives back”, I also believe that life as we’ve known it will simply NEVER be the same—that our emotional landscape has changed forever, that we cannot return to a former way of doing and being. This reality is sobering, and it sometimes takes awhile to accept. Ultimately, we can put this truth to good use—becoming deeper, more grounded and more authentic women.

You name it, she’s got it. In my experience, women are brilliantly successful at caring for others—while simultaneously ignoring their own needs for too long. Most coaching clients are high-functioning women; they love their families, and they expertly manage the outward aspects of their very busy lives. Life plays out as “normal” until one day, when some major change (either positive or negative) occurs. This event “shakes up” a woman’s external reality—and suddenly, as the result of this shift, a new internal space is created. That space begins to ache for love and comfort, for overdue attention to needs that are not being met. From within this new space, something magical begins to happen: a woman rises up with fresh motivation to dust off her issues, rekindle her passions and renew a connection to her own life—all within the context of this “new normal.”

Consider that my prelude to this list of “motivating factors,” issues that often prompt women to pursue life and relationship coaching: addiction, aging, betrayal, breakup, career change, childbirth, conflict, death, divorce, empty-nesting, family dynamics, financial gain or loss, graduation, grandchildren, health issues, infidelity, loss, marriage, menopause, mid-life crisis, moving, new job, physical injury, retirement, romance, separation, trauma, travel, widowhood.

When it comes to personal healing and growth, I believe that safe, positive and productive environments are absolutely essential for women to survive and thrive. Because that principle is so critically important to me, I’ve echoed it into the very framework of my vision statement, Eleven Words for Women Ever After. I’ve learned these eleven practices from other women (my own coaches, therapists, mentors, sponsors, instructors and supervisors). I’m now honored to practice them with you, in hopes that you will “pay them forward”—first toward yourself, then also toward others.

Eleven Words for Women Ever After.

  • Every woman deserves honesty. She deserves to be honest with herself, first and foremost. She deserves to experience the internal reward of speaking truthfully about her own reality. She also deserves to hear truth from others, establishing environments of authenticity within her relationships.
  • Every woman deserves to be heard. She deserves to express her unique voice to others, within environments where her words are valued and validated. She deserves to receive acknowledgment from others, to know that her words are genuinely absorbed, accurately reflected and meaningfully addressed.
  • Every woman deserves to be comforted. She deserves “a break” from being “the strong one,” experiencing environments where she can be transparent and vulnerable—angry, overwhelmed, conflicted, needy, fragile, afraid, insecure, uncertain and uncomposed.
  • Every woman deserves empowerment. She deserves to access her internal realities, needs, boundaries, spiritual beliefs and sources of strength. She deserves to exercise her empowerment progressively and imperfectly, within environments of trial-and-error, evaluation and exploration.
  • Every woman deserves choices. She deserves freedom to navigate her healthy and unhealthy realities, making intentional choices to “live with,” “leave behind” or “lobby for change” within those realities. She deserves to make decisions within pressure-free environments, space that allows her to choose differently—to make “course corrections”—along the way.
  • Every woman deserves to experience her own healing, independent from the needs of her significant other or family of origin. She deserves to pursue support for herself, in her own way and for her own sake. She deserves to heal within safe environments that answer her questions, address her needs and advocate for her role within her own life.
  • Every woman deserves healthy relationships. She deserves to integrate with others, connecting in ways that are neither self-subsisting (isolated) nor codependent (enmeshed). She deserves to practice healthy relationships at her own pace, within environments that empathize with the complexity of human experience.
  • Every woman deserves to love herself. She deserves to believe that she is more than her body, her mind, her family, her faith, her career, her mistakes and/or her accomplishments. She deserves to explore this within environments of others who believe it on her behalf, until she is able to experience it fully for herself.
  • Every woman deserves to nurture herself. She deserves to invest time, energy and money into things that soothe or inspire her soul. She deserves to enjoy these gifts without guilt, within environments that prioritize her happiness and wholeness.
  • Every woman deserves healthy boundaries. She deserves to establish thresholds that protect and empower her wellbeing, providing environments of emotional safety and personal space. She deserves to adapt and redefine her boundaries when needed, adjusting them to improve her life as it unfolds and evolves over time.
  • Every woman deserves a fresh start. She deserves to renew, reclaim and reorient her story, without judgment or presupposition. She deserves to discover her purpose and promise, within environments that fully support her vision for “life ever after.”

Download: Eleven Words for Women Ever After