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Five Years Later: Remembering the Night My Marriage Died

March 16, 2022

Five years.

It strikes me as a seemingly odd measure of time. Five trips around the sun. Twenty transitions between calendar seasons. Sixty cycles of the moon, spanning each of her glorious phases and back again. Two hundred and […]

From This Day Forward: Vows to Me, Myself and I

For the last three years, I’ve celebrated December 30 (my former wedding anniversary) as the date upon which I bring new expressions of self-love into my life. For this year’s commemoration, I’m writing a set of honorary and promissory vows […]

Five Stages of Abandonment Grief: Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abandonment

Have you ever wondered why sexual betrayal feels keenly similar—yet remarkably different—to losing a loved one who’s physically died? In my work with women healing from sexual betrayal, I’ve identified two words that completely reframe the experience of loss and […]

Partner or Porn Police? Six Messages of Encouragement

Preface: This article focuses on the experience lived by partners of sex and pornography addicts. However, if you’re a porn user yourself, I warmly invite you to keep reading! If your partner is able and willing to do so, he or she may […]

How Can I Prepare for My Husband’s Next Porn Relapse?

Once upon a time, I was blissfully happy. No, my life wasn’t perfect or easy. Instead, it was real. Messy, but meaningful. I lived and worked passionately within the world of pornography addiction and betrayal trauma recovery, with a job I adored and the marriage I’d […]

Be Still and Know? Dear God, You Must Be Joking.

Be still and know? Seriously God? Do you know what you’re asking?

DON’T YOU SENSE THIS, GOD? That right now, I’m crawling out of my skin? This skin, by the way, that YOU put me in? This skin that looks freakishly “fine” […]

PROJECT NAME CHANGE is now legally underway!

38 years ago, my parents named me Crystal Rae Nelson. It’s a designation I’ve changed three times in the past two decades, each time inspired by a shift in my marital status.

This year, as a belated birthday gift to myself, […]

Trauma Speaks. Healing Talks Back.

In my last blog post, I wrote about “Life Language,” exploring how the words we speak, the words we hear, and the words we exchange with others are both practical and powerful. This week, I’m going to springboard from that […]

Life Language

In my mid-twenties, I spent two years living and working in Jerusalem, Israel. My Hebrew language skills were conversant at best—good enough to order coffee, take a taxi or ask directions. I worked in an English-speaking office, publishing an English-language […]

Gratitude: Give Me a Break

You know those times when life just gets heavy?

When you’ve absorbed yourself SO deeply into something SO significant, you lose track of time and space and any responsible sense (gulp) of basic self-care? When you pause for a quick breath, […]

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