A few times each year, I’m privileged share my work on the road, speaking for groups of clients, colleagues or community members. Not only do these opportunities keep me on my toes, they allow me to spark personal friendships and professional connections with women (and a few men) from all around the world.

All that to say, if you’ve been seeking a chance to connect or work with me face-to-face, consider hopping a plane, train or automobile, and come see me at one of these upcoming events!

Better yet, invite me to come speak in your neighborhood…


Redeeming Sexuality and Intimacy 2019 is an annual conference, providing three full days of learning, training and networking for Christian church leaders, clergy and helping professionals. Alongside many of my favorite colleagues (who also happen to be among my dearest friends), I’m honored to present two of my favorite workshops: (1) Alone in the Aftermath: Support for Divorced, Divorcing and Separated Partners of Sex Addicts, and (2) Mourning to Move Forward: Betrayal-Related Grief Support for Men, Women and Couples.

by Determined To Rise
September 7-9, 2018 in Randolph, Utah

Find Your Fearless is a weekend retreat focused on self-care, courage and connection—with fun, interactive and creative activities such as art journaling, horseback riding and archery. As one of three professionals presenting at this event, I’m thrilled to be traveling with my friend and colleague Sharon Rinearson from CORE Relationship Recovery, our keynote speaker for the FYF retreat. The all-inclusive cost for FYF is $225 (excluding transportation). To register, click HERE.

by The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH)
October 4-5, 2018 in Virginia Beach, Virginia

The SASH conference is an annual training and networking event, specifically for professionals who work within the fields of sexual health, sexual addiction and sexual betrayal trauma. At this year’s conference, I’ll be presenting alongside my colleagues Sharon Rinearson and James Annear from CORE Relationship Recovery, an interactive workshop entitled, The Magic of Play Therapy: Fun that Gets Stuff Done. That same week, I’ll also be attending two pre-conference training days presented by The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS): “New Tools for Empowering Partners to Heal Their Brain, Body, Mind and Soul After Sexual Betrayal” with Dr. Sheri Keffer (October 2),  and “Working with Special Populations of Partners” with Dr. Barbara Steffens (October 3). After the conference, members of the public are invited to join us for SASH’s FREE Community Awareness Day (October 6).

by The Toolbox, LLC
October 12-14 in Heber, Utah
La Loba: The Woman Who Knows is an intensive weekend of grieving, growing, healing and hope. It’s designed to help you move forward through the trauma of sexual betrayal, supported by others each step of the way: (1) You’ll bravely identify some beloved things you have lost—casualties of addiction, abuse and/or abandonment. (2) You’ll pick up the broken fragments of those tragic losses, letting yourself “feel the feels” that accompany such acts of remembrance and mourning. (3) You’ll discover something beautiful that rises up to fill the void of what’s been forsaken. (4) You’ll take some newly empowered steps forward, moving yourself toward peace, resolution and self-restoration. La Loba is a jam-packed and therapeutic experience, staffed by a large team of couples, coaches and therapists. As such, we’re qualified to help participants process the various themes they’ll encounter during this weekend, including pain, shame, anger, fear, grief, trauma, communication, boundaries, self-identity and so much more. PERSONAL NOTE: A few years ago, I attended this event myself (as a participant, not as a coach) when the crisis of my own marriage reached its breaking point. The gifts I received from La Loba helped me to survive the compound tragedies that followed—which is precisely WHY I’m thrilled to join the staffing the team for this year’s event! The all-inclusive cost for La Loba is $650 (excluding transportation). To register, click HERE.