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The Question That Changed Everything


Nine years ago, when my husband walked into his first SA meeting (Sexaholics Anonymous; sa dot org), I knew exactly what HE needed. I knew he needed help. I knew he […]

And She Did.

Once upon a time, I went through a period of extreme emotional unpredictability. I’d cry uncontrollably, unexpectedly and inconveniently, all at the drop of a hat. My therapist explained that I was severely OVERSATURATED—I was overwrought from decades of “soaking […]

Oxygen Will Be Flowing

I wrote this share last summer, addressing it to my amazing S-Anon recovery community.


While flying last week, enroute between CA and MN, I listened to the familiar refrain of the onboard flight attendants: “In case of an emergency, secure […]

You’re Speaking My LIFE Language!

I wrote the following article last summer, at the request of my fellow ICA life coach Kristie Kennedy (www.kristiekenedy.com). It was fun to relive the memory of this Jerusalem story from ten+ years ago!

You’re Speaking My LIFE Language!
During […]

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