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Be Still and Know? Dear God, You Must Be Joking.

Be Still and Know? Dear God, You Must Be Joking.
Be still and know?
Seriously God? Do you know what you’re asking?

DON’T YOU SENSE THIS, GOD? That right now, I’m crawling out of my skin? This skin, by the way, that YOU […]

PROJECT NAME CHANGE is now legally underway!

PROJECT NAME CHANGE is now legally underway!

38 years ago, my parents named me Crystal Rae Nelson. It’s a designation I’ve changed three times in the past two decades, each time inspired by a shift in my marital status.

This year, as […]

Trauma Speaks. Healing Talks Back.

In my last blog post, I wrote about “Life Language,” exploring how the words we speak, the words we hear, and the words we exchange with others are both practical and powerful. This week, I’m going to springboard from that […]

Life Language

In my mid-twenties, I spent two years living and working in Jerusalem, Israel. My Hebrew language skills were conversant at best—good enough to order coffee, take a taxi or ask directions. I worked in an English-speaking office, publishing an English-language […]

Gratitude: Give Me a Break

You know those times when life just gets heavy?

When you’ve absorbed yourself SO deeply into something SO significant, you lose track of time and space and any responsible sense (gulp) of basic self-care? When you pause for a quick breath, […]

A for Addiction: The Scarlet Sisterhood

Nine years ago, when my husband first started attending Twelve Step meetings, he came home one night with an analogy that made PERFECT sense to both of us. His sponsor (a doctor, incidentally) had suggested that my husband’s sex addiction […]

On That Day

On this date last year, life completely SHATTERED for one of my youngest coaching clients. (In the betrayal trauma world, we often call this anniversary “D Day,” referencing the date someone discovers her partner’s infidelity, online secrets and/or sex addiction.)
In […]

Of Weeds and Warfare

Historically… I hate gardening.

Growing up in the midwest, my mother spent hours planning and planting beautiful gardens around our home. She solicited my brother’s help for weeding, trimming and watering. My dad helped with heavier tasks like digging new […]

Evidence of the Invisible

Last Thursday was Babysitting Day. My husband and I woke up early, hopped in the car, braved morning traffic, and arrived in time for breakfast with two of our favorite family kiddos.

The way I see it, Babysitting Days were made […]

Back to Me, Myself and I


Toward the beginning of my recovery, I encountered AA’s Seventh Tradition, the one that suggests that Twelve Step groups be “fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.” I soon learned that Tradition Seven applies […]

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