Alone in the Aftermath


For women whose relationships do NOT survive the impact of our partners’  sex addiction, porn addiction or other forms of compulsive sexual behavior, certain recovery concepts—like grieving, healing, repairing and moving on—are VERY DIFFERENT than for those who remain within their relationships.

In my work with partners of sex addicts across all stages of relationship transition, I’ve observed a significant (albeit unintentional) degree of disparity, a impending sense of marginalization experienced by partners who ultimately separate and/or divorce. Too often, the unique needs of these women have gone unnoticed, unacknowledged and unmet, simply due to lack of resources that highlight, honor and address these fundamental distinctions.

AVENUE D: The Road to Debridement

Avenue D is a coaching support group created for women who DON’T remain married to their sex addict spouses. Avenue D provides the comfort and connection of a structured, facilitated, peer support group, empowering clients heal within a community of other women who are walking a similar road through “de-bride-ment.” Avenue D escorts participants through a progression of important topics, addressing issues actively faced by partners during an “S” Angle divorce. Avenue D is designed to help women triumph over their trauma through remembrance and mourning (aka “coming to terms,”) inspiring them to authentically process the pain and relief of divorce from their sex addict spouses—all within a safe, consoling and communal group environment.
Download: Avenue D—“Road to Debridement” Divorce Recovery Group

DREAMGIRLS: Designing Our New Lives!

DreamGirls is another coaching support group, this one designed for women who’ve moved BEYOND the process of separation and/or divorce. DreamGirls is for clients who are ready to rebuild their new lives, all in the aftermath of relationships impacted by “S” issues (infidelity, pornography, secrets and/or sex addiction). DreamGirls provides bi-weekly “maintenance support” for clients who no longer need intensive weekly coaching or therapy groups—it’s designed to champion these courageous souls, specifically as they navigate the adventures (and misadventures) of life after sex addiction. DreamGirls explores a sequence of popular themes and intimate heart-to-heart discussions, addressing issues like personal values, self-worth, self-identity, intuition, boundaries, sexuality and womanhood. DreamGirls is designed to help women triumph over their trauma through reconnection (aka “integration and moving on,”) inspiring them to rediscover, reclaim and reorient themselves—all within the context of other women who are doing it, too.
Download: DreamGirls—Online Coaching Support Group
Download: AvenueD—Online Coaching Support Group
Download: Special Workshop!—”How Can I Protect and Heal My Children?”
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